Work Experience of

Dr. M. A. Meshkot


I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to gain such a wide experience, and enjoyed it.† My main areas of interest are computing, materials science & engineering and contract law, but most of all, I enjoy the challenge of solving problems.† I believe my most powerful tool is my ability to teach myself and to use that knowledge, together with my experience, in finding solutions.† I am always willing to learn and teach.

Work Experience

December 2008 to Present: Assistant Professor and member of Science Mission

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (
Materials and Energy Research Center (
Department of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

>        Conducting research on new materials

>        Lecturing

>        Supervision of MSc and PhD research students

>        Experiment design

>        Publications

>        Editing scientific papers in English

>        Advisor to the MERC Director

>        Advisor to the International Office

December 2007 to December 2008: Software Developer

Self Employed, Tehran

>        Design and Development of GPS database

>        Design and Development of Office Documentation database

>        Development of Expert Advisors for Forex trading using the MetaTrader MQL4 language.

>        Self training of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver for website development.

June 2007 to December 2007: Contractual Engineer

Bina Consulting Engineers, Tehran

Mainly involved in Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery Project. Preparation of joint venture operating agreement visualization posters, version comparisons, contract correspondence and advising the management on contractual issues.

May 2007 to Nov 2007: Process Manager

Kankash Telecom Asia ,Tehran

>        Project control

>        Market development

>        Training

>        Documentation

>        Cost Control

October 2006 to April 2007: Executive Manager for Quality Systems and Processes

Mandro Geotechnical Consulting Engineers, Tehran

Involved in various management roles and providing valuable advice to the managing director.

>        Provided detailed and specific advice to the managing director on improved management strategies through daily written reports and meetings

>        Designed a warehouse database and implemented an automated equipment issues and returns system to give a current and accurate stock count of each warehouse item with its site or shelf location and status. This was to replace the existing paper index card system

>        Advised and followed through health and safety issues such as laboratory first aid kits, fire extinguishers, electrical safety, fume cabinets, safe chemical laboratory practice, chemical labelling and safety guards for machinery

>        Introduced a highly efficient system of electronic document review for speedy correction of geotechnical client reports

>        Evaluated laboratory testing of soils to ASTM and BSi standards through knowledge assessment of technical staff and test result sheets

>        Negotiated contractual obligations in a prudent manner for Shell Pars LNG geotechnical investigation contract, dealing with sensitive issues of client invoicing and insurance for third-party liability & offshore crafts

>        Participated in the preparation of tender documents for civil inspection and testing of Pars LNG project

>        Designed and implemented management strategies and quality systems such as a staff task list linked to performance assessment, machinery maintenance forms, vehicle usage forms, an original file naming convention, the introduction of fax cover sheets and document footers for traceability

>        Participated in the design of a shallow-water monoleg coring platform and a deep seabed corer for geotechnical investigations

>        Excelled in GPS data manipulation by designing a database to read and store waypoints, tracks and routes from delimited text files exported from the MapSource software, as GPS data are used extensively in geotechnical field work

>        Introduced electronic staff time-sheets in a novel way through the familiar and user-friendly Excel interface for subsequent automated import into an SQL server database for an accurate assessment of project costs and staff working time, linked to the payroll system for automated calculation of overtime, holidays and absenteeism

February 2005 to October 2006:†††††††† Process Control Manager

Pars Iratel representing Nokia in Iran

I started as a contract manager, but my extensive skills in numerous areas expanded my work to Process Control Manager for a large $300m project to install 2000 BTS sites for expansion of Iranís mobile phone network.

>        Provided extensive staff training in ISO 9001 standard and modern work methods including the design of meeting attendance forms, document circulation grids, transmittals, electronic minutes of meetings and document traceability tags.

>        Obtained and analysed detailed price quotations from subcontractors and manufacturers to arrive at a unified price structure based on 3 shopping lists.

>        Managed over 18 subcontractors to install BTS sites across the country through detailed specific contracts.

>        Created a database of 26 model sites and over 2000 shopping-list items and sub-items used to create the sites.

>        Calculated model site prices from shopping-list items and their split in terms of equipment/service ratio for tax and insurance purposes.

>        Created and managed a shared contact-list and calendar in MS Outlook for the whole project group.

>        Designed and installed an electronic documentation system with access control levels.

>        Managed purchase orders to subcontractors, electronic subcontractor invoices and client invoicing involving over 18,000 project accounting documents.

>        Established a pay-structure model for employees based on their education, work experience, responsibility, grade and the employment law using a series of complex mathematical formulae to arrive at a fair deal for all.

March 2002 to September 2005: Dr. IT

Self Employment as Dr. IT computer services and consultancy- London

Responsible for all aspects of the business, including advertising, accounting, customer relations, technical expertise and consultancy.

>        Computer repairs, installations and upgrades to the highest standards

>        Internet, email and training.

>        Expert services for data analyst, data transfer, database design and implementation.

>        Professional network installation, document scanning and maintenance contracts.

>        Proficient troubleshooting and support.

January 2001 to March 2002: Senior Consultant to the Informatics Council

Centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopaedia- Tehran

Responsible for advising the council on matters such as internet security, network design, automation and databases.

>        Systems analysis, requirement gathering, customer interviews, design and presentation of 19 major project proposals.

>        Data analyst for four multi-user bilingual database projects with complete lifecycle.

>        Performed collection and documentation of user requirements and criteria, resulting in user-friendly front-ends and reporting tools.

>        Winning design and development of back-end systems and user front-ends, resulting in a saving of over 10 million Rials.

>        Effective user training and support, resulting in preparation of further project proposals for a long-term user training program with certification.

April 2000 to August 2001: Project Contractual Advisor and Computing Consultant

Namvaran Consulting Engineers, Managers - Tehran

Responsible for providing legal advice to top management on project matters involving two multi-£m petrochemical plant design and construction projects. Also attained responsibility for project e-document handling, e-library and engineer training.

>        Effective presence on top-level project management meetings to advise on legal and contractual aspects of the project.

>        Efficient control on all project correspondence with respect to contractual and legal aspects.

>        Presentation of training courses for project managers and engineers on contract interpretation.

>        Designed and introduced a paperless system for handling the project documents library.

>        Provided user support and training on internet resources and project management tools.

November 1999 to March 2000: Computing Consultant

History Publications of Iran - Tehran

I have periodically worked with the Nashr-e-Tarikh-e-Iran for over 10 years, during which I have enjoyed doing many projects, including:

>        Created 3 history databases to contain historical information, then applied data analysis and statistical methods to the data and produced quality output for publication in French scientific journal.

>        New network installation, connection sharing and training.

>        Assembled custom-built computers.

July 1999 to October 1999: Database Developer

Self Employment - London

Commissioned to design and develop a teaching management database, which resulted in a Teaching Assistant package for the management of student groups in educational institutes.

>        Designed and developed front-end and back-end systems for student registration, individual student performance checking, achievement reports, syllabus integration, lesson planning, assignment management and marking.

>        Provided user training and support.

February 1999 to July 1999: Data Migration Consultant

GlaxoWellcome plc - London

Responsible for data migration from legacy systems to SAP/R3.

>        Designed, developed and implemented a VBA program to read and clean the legacy extract for any business object, having variable field and record structure.

>        Enabled multi-user manipulation of data on Access forms, for users with different levels of security and access to fields.

>        Provided for an audit trail of every change users made to the data, when over 50 users were simultaneously editing over 100,000 long records.

>        Achieved compliance with US Food and Drugs Administration stringent regulations on quality assurance.

August 1998 to November 1998: Management Information Consultant

Woolwich PLC - London

>        Responsible for the design and development of Management Information Systems for a new line of financial products including credit card, insurance, mortgage, current account, term reserve and personal loans.

>        Sales data analysis, including calculation of single and combination product performance

>        Designed and developed six systems using Visual Basic in Access and Excel under NT4.

>        Established data link to mainframe data warehouses via ODBC through Microsoft SQL Server using stored procedures.

June 1997 - July 1998: Industrial Materials Consultant

Butane Industries - London and Tehran

Responsible for development of a library database, selection of industrial materials, product design consultations and trouble shooting.

>        Project Manager for 7 research projects involving preparation of proposals, monthly research reports, budgeting and quality assurance, which resulted in substantial savings to the company.

>        Performed materials research and selection, leading to a new line of products.

>        Designed and supervised the construction of a specialised laboratory apparatus which was used for measuring the thermal resistively of high refractory insulators.

September 1991 - June 1997: Senior Lecturer

University of Tehran - Department of Materials

Lecturer in materials and computer science at first degree and masters level. Active member of research committee, member of educational committee, member of informatics committee, student counsellor, laboratory manager and head of departmental computer centre.

>        Presented the only practical and theoretical English course in Crystallography at first degree level.

>        Presented English courses on coatings for corrosion protection and solid phase transformations at master of science level.

>        Presented courses on data analysis, computer science and network design.

>        Created an effective anti-virus policy and implemented the required mechanisms.

>        Increased computing resources and usage by 60%

August 1989 - August 1991: Materials Specialist

Mott MacDonald International Consultant Engineers - London

Replying to various technical queries on various international projects as a consultant and providing materials specifications including for the Channel Tunnel.

>        Responsible for development of the Channel Tunnel temporary and permanent Shotcrete (sprayed concrete) specifications for tunnel linings, including detailed specifications and testing for lattice base structures, shotcrete mix design, cement, aggregate and admixtures.

>        Responsible for development of Channel Tunnel specifications for corrosion-resistant coatings to concrete and embedded cast iron components within drainage sump wells under the Channel Tunnel.

>        Responsible for the site survey and testing laboratory and its staff, site measuring equipment and health & safety.

>        Supervisor of survey team investigating the impact of the Dockland Light Railway tunnels on the London underground Northern line tunnels.

>        Designed, developed and administered a number of databases.

>        Earned departmental computing and network responsibility, including user support, trouble shooting and training.

March 1980 - October 1985: Senior Materials Technologist

Marley Roof Tile Company plc - Sevenoaks, Kent.

Responsible for conducting experimental laboratory research programs into cement mortar products, including aggregate compaction, particle grading, polymer cement composites, and fibre reinforcement of cement based mortars.

>        Invented a novel method to predict the compaction of cement mortars by plotting their dry sand flow properties on tri-linear diagrams.

>        Operated two pilot plants for the production of experimental roof tiles and glass fibre-reinforced cement slates.

>        Managed a large number of experimental research programs to improve roof tile properties and to develop new ones.

>        Introduced computer modelling to the research department with many cost savings.

>        Created and setup the Research and Development Computing department to solve research problems by computer modelling rather than direct experimentation.

>        Created a Computer Aided Design package for roof tile design from scratch, including the prediction of breaking strength for the designed tile according to British standards.