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A Database of Abbreviations

Abbreviations used within Piping Engineering

Dr. M. A. Meshkot
June 1997

1. Introduction

In the field of piping engineering, a lot of abbreviations are used to denote long names, as they are in many other fields.  However, in this case I found that many abbreviations were the cause of confusion; because many documents used the same abbreviation to mean different things.  By document, I mean drawing, letter, report, specification, standard, code of practice, project document and such like.

In piping engineering, what an abbreviation means depends on the source document.  In many cases, projects have their own additional list of abbreviations. Many lists of abbreviations conflict with each other.   Therefore I saw the need for a database which contains piping engineering abbreviations, together with the document in which they are defined and the institutes producing those documents.

I designed and built such a database and here are some screen-shots from it:

This is the main menu


This form is used to find abbreviations


This page is used to link abbreviations to documents in which they are defined



A document may define an abbreviation on one page, and use it on another. It may also use the same abbreviation to mean different things depending on the context.  Therefore the following form is used to specify which page of what document has used/defined any abbreviation.


The above database is generic, that is, it can be used in other knowledge fields where abbreviations are used extensively, which may lead to confusion.




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