Dr. M.A. MESHKOT, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.I.C.

International Engineering Contracts
Materials Scientist
Data Engineer


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D.I.C. Diploma of Imperial College - 1991 Imperial College of Science, Technology and medicine, London.

Ph.D. Glassy Metals - 1991 Imperial College of Science, Technology and medicine, London.

M.Sc. Molecular Science of Materials - 1985 University of Geenwich, London.

01/99 - 02/99 : Self study course for ISO 9000 series: Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards, with the aim of becoming a Lead Auditor in the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA).


A Technical Contract Consultant with a wide experience in the fields of Materials Science and Data Engineering. My special interest is contract preparation and negotiations for foreign trade in engineering supplies, laboratory testing of materials and the application of computing to problem solving. My best qualities are my ability to apply my experience and knowledge to solve diverse problems with no supervision, and my ability to increase efficiency through the organisation and management of resources.


1. Process Control Management or the computing aspect of project management involving electronic documentation cost and progress, purchase orders, invoicing, technical specifications, contractor management and automated client progress reports.

2. International Contractual Consultant for technical contracts, advising on the legal aspect of engineering work. Negotiation to resolve disputes and giving advise on how to avoid future ones. Preparation of contracts and memoranda of understanding.

3. Selection of industrial materials for any purpose, including fibers for fabrics and composites, glasses, ceramics, polymers, metallic alloys, composites, concrete and refractories. Laboratory Testing and classification of these materials.

4. Preparation of specifications for quality control and testing against standards, including professional advise on obtaining ISO and CE standards.

5. Transfer and implementation of appropriate technology, including the design and supervision on the building of equipment needed to implement the new technology. Education of engineers on new technology.

6. Research to find practical solutions to industrial manufacturing and technological problems.

7. Design and implementation of Management Information systems, including databases for accountancy and banking sectors.

8. Design and implementation of computer systems including networks, Novel Netware, Windows 2003 Servers and XP.


1) Mechanism and measurement of the internal friction of glass fibres in torsional oscillation using an own design of torsional pendulum.

2) A new method of classifying natural sands for high density and flexural strength of cured cement mortars. Results from experimental work and theoretical equations were built into a computer model to develop a new theory which was proved by further experiments.

3) Channel Tunnel complete specification for permanent and temporary classes of shotcrete in tunnel structures, including the use of fibre-reinforcement, materials selection, testing, inspection procedures, durability and alkali-aggregate reaction considerations.

4) Channel Tunnel complete specification for concrete and cast iron coatings in submerged chemical mixture environment in spillage and drain sumps under the tunnels.

5) Quality assurance standards ISO 9000 series management and consultancy procedures for piping materials specification.

6) Amorphous Metals - Alloy composition preparations by submerged powder injection metallurgy and other pyrometallurgical techniques. This project has involved working with Iron and refractory materials at temperatures above 1500C. A special powder feeder was designed and built to inject compound powders into a bath of molten iron at various depth and flow rates.

7) Investigation into lightweight aluminosilicate high-temperature refractories for the selection of the most efficient insulator in direct gas burner contact conditions. This project involved the design of specialised apparatus to measure the conductivity of various refractory insulators.

8) Design of lightweight fibreglass pressure vessels in accordance with BS 4994 British Standard Specification for Design and Construction of Vessels and Tanks in Reinforced Plastics.

9) Specification of simplified test methods for the quality control of rubber O-rings, including experimental design, test conditions and test procedures.

10) Education and technology transfer: Corrosion inhibitors for heating systems, and machinability and forgability of copper alloys.


Windows Installations, Microsoft Office Expert, Visual Basic 5/6 and Access programmer, MS Access and Excel Development, SQL, ODBC and DAO Connectivity, ActiveX objects, Spreadsheet design and programming, control and manipulation of one Office component through another (e.g. control an Access database through an Excel spreadsheet or visa versa). Windows management and local administrator. Engineering, financial and business analyst. MIS Management Information Provider


February 2005 to Present, Tehran: Pars Iratel representing Nokia in Iran I was employed as a contract manager, but my extensive skills in numerous areas expanded my work to Process Control Manager for a large $300m project to install 2000 BTS sites for expansion of Irans mobile phone network.

      Provided extensive staff training in ISO 9001 standard and modern work methods including the design of meeting attendance forms, document circulation grids, transmittals, electronic minutes of meetings and document traceability tags.

      Obtained and analysed detailed price quotations from subcontractors and manufacturers to arrive at a unified price structure based on 3 shopping lists.

      Managed over 18 subcontractors to install BTS sites across the country through detailed specific contracts.

      Created a database of 26 model sites and over 2000 shopping-list items and sub-items used to create the sites.

      Calculated model site prices from shopping-list items and their split in terms of equipment/service ratio for tax and insurance purposes.

      Created and managed a shared contact-list and calendar in MS Outlook for the whole project group.

      Designed and installed an electronic documentation system with access control levels.

      Managed purchase orders to subcontractors, electronic subcontractor invoices and client invoicing involving over 18,000 project accounting documents.

      Established a pay-structure model for employees based on their education, work experience, responsibility, grade and the employment law using a series of complex mathematical formulae to arrive at a fair deal for all.

March 2002 to September 2004, London UK: Dr. I T, Self Employment as Dr. IT consultancy. Responsible for all aspects of the business, including advertising, accounting, customer relations, technical expertise and consultancy.

January 2001 to March 2002 Tehran Iran: Centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopaedia - Senior Consultant to the Informatics Council - Responsible for advising the council on matters such as internet security, network design, automation and databases.

April 2000 to August 2001, Tehran Iran: Namvaran Consulting Engineers, Managers. As a result of my long interest in legal matters, I was employed as a Contractual Consultant in the Khuzestan Petrochemical Companys Bandar Imam Engineering Polymers Plant Project, and in the Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company. My responsibilities included

      Checking of all English project correspondence for their contractual content.

      Giving advise to the project manager in management level meetings with the client.

      Production of international contracts for the purchase of goods and services for the project.

      Development of an Electronic Document Center to hold all the project documents.

      November 1999 to March 2000, Tehran, Iran: History Publications of Iran - Data Consultant - Created 3 history databases to contain historical information, then applied data analysis and statistical methods to the data and produced quality output for publication in French scientific journal.


July 1999 to October 1999, London, UK: Commission Work in London, to develop a Teaching Assistant database for the management of student groups in educational institutes. The system enables student registration, individual student performance checking, achievement reports, lesson planning, assignment management and marking. This data management system is designed for integration with other Office components and other databases for statistical analysis and management.

February 1999 to July 1999, London, UK: GlaxoWellcome plc in Dartford -Consultant Contractor. GlaxoWellcome worldwide MRPII project involving migration of data from legacy systems to SAP/R3. I developed a generic program to read the legacy extract for any business object and allow user data manipulation, before exporting the data to Excel workbooks and from there to text files ready for import into SAP through GENTRAN. The program was designed to record the audit trail of every change that users made to the data when over 50 users were simultaneously editing over 100,000 long records.

January 1999 to February 1999, London, UK: Regency Inventory - Consultant Contractor. Design and development of Access database for property inventory management of let property.

August 1998 to November 1998, London, UK: Woolwich PLC in Bexley - Consultant Contractor. My work was the development of Management Information Systems for a new line of financial products including credit card, insurance, mortgage, current account, term reserve and personal lean. I developed six systems using Visual Basic. These management data analysis and reporting systems are linked to mainframe and Access databases via ODBC through the Microsoft SQL Server.

June 1997 - July 1998, London, UK: Industrial Materials and Computing Consultant. During this period I conducted 7 successful projects for Iran's industry. These projects were mainly to solve existing problems in the manufacturing industry. Research subjects included: (1) Corrosion in heating systems, (2) Manufacture of refractory insulators for 1500 degrees C, (3) Design of pressure vessels in Fiberglas, (4) Test methods for rubber, (5) Machinability of Brass alloys, (6) Innovation for manufacturing. Conducting various specialised research projects as a private industrial consultant in Tehran and London.

September 1997 - December 1997, Tehran, Iran: Energy Industries Engineering and Design Consultants, Tehran, Iran. Consultant in piping engineering materials selection. Preparation of specifications and standards for the Iranian oil industry, including the preparation of ISO 9002 quality assurance procedures and work methods, and troubleshooting computing problems.

September 1991 - June 1997, Tehran, Iran: University of Tehran, Iran. Lecturer in materials science, ceramics, protective coatings and crystallography at first degree and masters level. Laboratory Manager, member of research committee, member of educational committee, student counselor and 2 years head of computer center.

August 1989 - August 1991, London, UK: Mott MacDonald International Consultant Engineers; Special Services Division. I was employed as a Materials Specialist working on various international projects and materials specifications including on the Channel Tunnel. Also responsible for the site survey and testing laboratory and its staff, site measuring equipment, health and safety, and various computer databases. Site supervision of 4 engineers during Docklands Light Railway survey. Departmental computing and network responsibility.

October 1985 - August 1989, London, UK: Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine. I conducted and completed my Ph.D. research project on the preparation of alloys for the production of Glassy Metals.

March 1980 - October 1985, Sevenoaks, UK: The Marley Roof Tile Co. Ltd. As a Senior Materials Technologist I enjoyed my work in the R&D department, which involved laboratory research into new materials and modification of existing ones. During my last three years with this company I set-up and managed a Research and Development Computing section in order to solve research problems by computation.



      Excellent interpersonal and communication skills at all level.

      All my computing ability has been self-taught.

      I own a succession of computers which I maintain and upgrade myself.

      I have been driving since 1980 with a clean driving license.

      My technical drawing and workshop skills are good enough to express my ideas and to make what I design.


The tools I require for my work depends on the job at hand, but often includes the use of a Pentium IV class computer with Office 2003 Professional edition under Windows xp or later and a modem. Plus the use of a telephone and a fax machine.


I can work full-time, part-time or as a consultant. Where I am used as a consultant, I have a consultancy service agreement in which an hourly rate is agreed after the project is specified. My rate excludes expenses such as travel, photocopy, telephone, fax and postage. Payment for my services is by advance credit for the number of hours required by the client, and at the end of each week for agreed expenses.



Please see my website Ali.Meshkot.com for further details