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Tough minded PracticalStable CalmSelf assured Alert

The following extract is from an independent assessment of me done in 2005 by the professional assessment company Arabian Assessment & Development Centre L.L.C. after a full day of assessment consisting of:

  • Internal company dispute scenario
  • Interview
  • 200 psychological questions
  • Numerical and analytical tests
  • English test
  • Letter writing
  • Team working discussion
  • Observation by experts assessors

Working style


Ali Meshkot is a relatively tough-minded individual, who is inclined to adopt a no-nonsense approach to problems. Ali is concerned about day-to-day, practical matters and has his feet firmly on the ground. Down to earth, alert to external realities, he will focus on the here-and-now. He should be capable of keeping his cool in a crisis. Alertness, caution and practical concern should contribute to a low frequency of mistakes. Ali's behaviour and attitudes reflect a balance between his own personal belief system, social norms and internalised societal expectations. Not placing much value on formality and protocol, he may prefer to relate to others in an informal and casual manner. He is likely to be unimpressed by status, position or authority, preferring to judge people on their merits. However, being diplomatic and aware of the impact he may have on others, these attitudes may not always be evident. He may not relate at all well to group undertakings which discourage individualism. Highly emotionally resilient and stable, he is likely to face difficulties in a calm, realistic way. Rarely ruffled by events, he will be seen as being very dependable in a crisis. Highly secure and  self-assured, he is likely to be cheerful, optimistic and free of regrets and self-doubt. Ali retains an easygoing, very even-tempered composure. He projects himself as a very sedate individual who is not easily perturbed and is rarely moved to outbursts of anger or frustration. At times, this may cause others to see him as lacking drive or motivation. Even fairly major frustrations and irritations are unlikely to upset him.


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