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My Name

I am commonly known as Ali Meshkot
My full name is [Seyed Mohammad Ali Meshkot] and here is the meaning:

Name Part Meaning
Seyed A religious title which indicates that I am a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) family line. In fact I am a Tabatabaie Seyed, which means that both my parents are also direct descendants.
Mohammad From the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) meaning praised.
This is my First Name following my religious title.  However, I do not often use this.  In Western/Christian culture, it is usually assumed that people go by their first name; whereas in many parts of the world, people with more than one forename select which name they go by, and I have selected Ali for its simplicity.
Ali Ali means "the best".
MESHKOT This is my surname from the Holy Koran meaning Source of Light and Knowledge.
In order to achieve the correct English pronunciation, in April 1985 I changed the French spelling Meshkāt to the English spelling Meshkot by deed pole.  The spelling remains the same in complex script.

About Me

Please see my LinkedIn public profile (no need to login)

Examples of Work

Please see the Sample Work page for samples of my work in computing, contract law, engineering and design.

Main Certificates

(see also
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Certificate
My research was on amorphous metal alloy compositions (also known as glassy metals because, like glass, they have little or no crystal structure).  This work involved predictive computer programming and many laboratory and foundry high temperature experiments with molten alloys at 1800°C using an induction furnace and a high pressure powder injection unit, both of which I designed and built myself.
Master of Science (M.Sc.) Certificate
This examination and research course on the molecular science of materials, involved atomic physics, Eigen functions and x-ray spectroscopic analysis on the one hand; and research involving the compaction of irregular natural sand particles on the other.  A simple method was devised, using a flow-cone, to predict the strength of cement mortar mixes by plotting their flow-time on triangular diagrams.
Higher National Diploma (H.N.D) Certificate
For my HND I spent an enjoyable 2 years on my own in Sunderland UK, where I kept out of mischief, studied hard and designed and built an apparatus to measure the internal friction of glass fibres in torsional oscillation.
Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy Certificate
The electron microscope is a powerful examination tool which, like computing,  can pull the fascinated into its exclusive domain.  I enjoyed this fascinating course and went on to use this powerful tool in my work and in teaching.
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
I think my English always has room for improvement.  This must be because I have only ever read one fiction book through to the end ('2001') and that was a present from my boss. But I did enjoy reading that a lot.
Computing Certificate
I think this is the only computing certificate I have from the old Apple II computer days of early 1980s.  This is because I have taught myself almost all I know about computing and I went on to work in this field.  I remember at school (1975), our head of mathematics department use to tell me off for staying behind after school time to use the school's only teletype terminal.  I learned to teach myself computing from then because even our teachers didn't know enough about using computers.  I have always used a combination of computer based training (CBT) and experiments to teach myself.
Community Interpreting Certificate
This was my way of doing something for the community.  This training and the subsequent involvement with people in clinics, surgeries, hospitals, courts and government departments has taught me a lot about cultural differences, the diversity in people and the many problems we can share.


Bilingual Advocacy in Health Certificate (Pending)
This course has followed on from my interpreting work.  Bilingual advocacy is about empowering disadvantaged people who speak little or no English, to overcome language and cultural barriers to get through medical problems without discrimination.


(To be added)



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