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Years Experience

Time Management 25
Team and Group Management 7
Presentation and Communication 20
Project Planning 22
Contract Management 8
Excellent Bilingual and Bicultural Conflict Resolution skills
Promoter of quality assurance and work traceability
Designer of electronic document management systems
Promoter of training and individual advancement





Years Experience

Sample Work
(To be added)

MS Access 10  
MS Excel 15  
MS Word 12  
MS Front Page 4  
Dreamweaver MX 3  
Visio Professional & Technical 4  
ASP 2  
C++ 0.5  
Cobol 1  
Corel Draw 4.5  
Crystal Reports 3  
Flash MX 1  
FoxPro 2  
HTML 3  
LAN 3  
Lotus 1  
Mac OS 1  
MS Office 7  
MS Outlook 5  
MS SQL Server 2  
MS Project 2  
MS Money 3  
MS PowerPoint 6  
Novell 2  
Primavera 1  
Quicken 1  
SPSS  1.5  
MathCAD 0.5  
MATLAB 0.5  
User Support 6  
Visual Basic/VBA 6  
MS Windows 22  
MS Windows Server 2  
Linux Debian 3


Skilled at using Excel VB, SPSS, data cleansing, file conversions and data de-duplication.
Advanced MS Access v2 to XP database design and Development using Visual Basic and VBA, including documentation and preparation of full design specifications. Ability and experience in migrating data from previous version to XP.
Microsoft Office Specialist, to advanced programming level, for MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and FrontPage.
Methodical approach to problem solving and the ability to gather, understand and document user requirements from all user levels, to analyse data and report accordingly.
Ability to design surveys, data entry forms, result analysis and automated reporting tools.
Able to extract data using complex SQL statements and OLAP Cubes via ODBC, DAO and ADO.
Capable of producing Active Server Pages (ASP) with server-side or client-side VBScript.
Statistical analysis, distribution curves, regression, curve fitting and forecasting using Excel and SPSS




Years Experience

Example/Sample Work
(under construction)

Materials Specialist for tunnelling, construction and piping materials. 8  
Design of domestic and commercial services, such as supply, waste, soil, power, gas, telephone and Local Area Network. 2  
Familiar with British Standards, ASTM and ANSI standards for materials used in construction and piping engineering. 5  
Specialist in AutoCAD 2000 Plan, Elevation, 2D, 3D and perspective drawings. Also able to design using Design CAD 2000, Visio Technical and Corel Draw 10. 4  
Ability to test materials in accordance with standards using a variety of techniques, including: Tensile, flexural, compression, optical and electron microscopy, X-ray and electron diffraction, IR, UV, mass and flame spectroscopy, wet chemical, etc. 12  
Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy 3  
Ability to design and conduct scientific experiments. 10  
Ability to design and build experimental test equipment, such as for measurement of thermal resistivity, molten metal injection, high temperature induction furnaces, cement mortar compaction etc. 9  




Years Experience

Clean UK driving license 20
Persian/Farsi Qualified Translator & Interpreter 15
Self Teacher 25
Exceptional aptitude for solving and understanding complex problems.
Ability to communicate ideas to all levels.
Ability to supervise and to work without supervision.


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